5 Reasons to Work in the Health Industry

Whether you dream of being a doctor or nurse or are somebody who prefers to work behind the scenes, working in the health sector can be a rewarding industry to build a career in. Below you’ll find five reasons why you should think about a health or medical career.

1. It’s A Way to Really Make a Difference with Your Work

Few people get to truly make an impact on the lives of others with their profession the way those in the health industry do. When you are literally dealing with potential life and death situations, or taking part in work that can have a positive outcome for an entire community, the work that health and medical professionals do helps everyday people and their families.

2. It’s A Future Proof Career

The health industry is evolving constantly. New research and technologies become available constantly that can change the way that things are done, make new treatments and options available and ultimately create long-term job prospects and opportunities. There will always be a human element of working with health, so it’s not the type of career that could eventually get taken over by machines and automation.

3. There Are Flexible Rostering Options

The daily grind of Monday to Friday, 9-5 hours can be really difficult to work into your lifestyle. With the health industry running 24/7, you may find you love the scheduling flexibility available to you. As you progress through your life, things like childcare become expensive and problematic and every day can be a battle with peak hour traffic. While there are some obvious downsides to working weekends, evening and night shifts, many health and medical professionals are able to set their roster around their family and extracurricular activities.

4. The Career Pathways Are Limitless

The options available to you when considering one of the numerous health careers are seemingly endless. Not only are there a number of fields and disciplines for you to consider within any skillset but you can also often choose and move between the public and private sector or specialise in a particular area like paediatrics or aged care. A reputable HR and recruitment agency like Chandler Macleod can help you work out a career and development plan to reach your goals.

5. No Two Days Are Ever the Same

Even if you’ve seen a particular ailment before, the way that your current patient is presenting symptoms or the treatment plan implemented may be different to anything you’ve experienced. You also deal with people and their families when they are at their most vulnerable which can add another element of diversity to your daily work life.

Working as a health or medical professional can be a demanding career – but it is also very worthwhile and people can find great personal, financial and professional development benefits to making it their life’s work.

Do you work in the health or medical industry? What do you think are the biggest benefits to a health career?

Photo Credit: Abd allah Foteih