All The Fun of Cabo

Cabo San Lucas, or simply Cabo for short, is one of Mexico’s premier vacation resorts. Sitting second behind Cancun, but certainly not lacking in any direction, Cabo is located on the beautiful Baja California Sur, on the southern end. This means constant sunshine, fantastic beaches, and some enviable water-based activities to enjoy. Nightlife is varied, and culture drips from every corner.

There are countless accommodation options available to visitors, including Los Cabos villas, which gives you a real home away from home feel to your vacation. The chance to retire back to a fully furnished home after a long day exploring, or even a long night partying, is surely a must do! Failing that, there are many resorts, five star hotels, budget options, and even hostels to choose from, meaning something for every budget requirement. It really is a case of shopping around, as there are some real deals to be had. The same can be said for flights, because nowadays flights to this beautiful and vibrant part of the world are much more plentiful than they ever have been before, making Cabo more accessible to everyone.

Cabo really burst into the popular mainstream in the 70s, with the expansion of the local airport. This opened up the region to more and more visitors, and from there, the town began to grow. Nightlife became brighter and louder, and the natural beauty of the area was seen by many more people. Whilst Cancun remains the most popular of all the Mexican vacation resorts, Cabo has a major advantage – it doesn’t have that spring break feel, which means it is more suitable for a range of different visitors. Cabo is also away from the main central country roads in Mexico, just like Cancun, which makes it a safe place to visit for everyone.

Cabo really has three main areas – San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, and The Corridor. San Jose del Cabo is the Old Town area and here you will find plentiful culture everywhere you look. This area is close to the airport, which makes it easy to visit also. Cabo San Lucas is THE place to be if you want to party! Pack with clubs, bars, restaurants, cocktail bars, and general nightlife merriment, this is a vibrant and colourful part of the resort, and basically the hub of everything to do with entertainment. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Cabo San Lucas is tacky however, because there are some seriously classy establishments to be found around this part of the resort.

The Corridor is an altogether more serene affair, and certainly the pace to go for those who want to chill out and be away from the noise, but be within easy reach when the mood takes them. This is where you will find those aforementioned five star resorts and hotels, but there are also several championship-standard golf courses around here also, which makes for a chilled out vibe. It is also vey easy to reach Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo from here, as The Corridor is literally along a coastal road, with some beautiful views; a drive along at some point during your vacation is a definite must do, with plentiful photography opportunities to be had.

Cabo is also known for its sport fishing and amazing water-sports too, including surfing. The best months to check out the sports fishing opportunities are November to February, when the water is warm and the big fish visit! Water-sports are also fantastic at this time, and you won’t struggle to find something to suit your needs. You can also dolphin and whale spot with great results from Cabo.

Those who want to learn how to surf will find Cabo to be a great place to try it, because whilst you can see big waves, and watch the pros take them on, there are many surf schools who will be able to teach you in the lesser waves, and you can then build yourself up over time! Be sure to look around and find the right surf school for you, as well as looking out for deals on prices.

The best time to visit? It really depends when you can actually get time away from work! The climate is desert tropical, which means it is warm and sunny all year around, with very little in the way of rain on average. The Atlantic hurricane season can influence weather to a degree at times, and there is more likely to be a higher chance of rain between July to September, although short-lived. Forecasts are quite long-range, so you will know well in advance if a storm is likely to affect the weather at your time of visiting, and then you simply follow the advice you are given.

Whilst Cancun might get all the headlines, Cabo has been quietly existing in the background. Despite that description, Cabo is certainly not shrinking violet, and the nightlife here can be very vibrant indeed. The plus point to that however is that you can find your degree of loudness; there are chilled out cocktail bars, clubs, restaurants, and regular bars to check out, so you can really cater to your needs, without having to go too over the top. Of course, you could even stay in if you wanted to, but that’s not something which happens too often in Cabo!