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Simple Ways to Help Cope With Stress

Coping with stress is more about learning how to react to your stress-inducers rather than avoiding them. Avoiding them helps if you can but the reality is is that the bills won’t stop coming, there’s always only going to be…
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Skiing In Japan

Japan has some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. Here’s a list of six resorts you absolutely have to check out on your next winter trip to Japan. Asahidake, Hokkaido Price for an adult day pass: 4,000…
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Swimming – Is It The Best Exercise

If you aren’t already swimming as part of your fitness regimen, you should be. Swimming is so much better for your body than other cardio exercises like running since there’s literally zero impact on your body. Swimming also engages more…
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Tips for Retiring Comfortably

Retirement is something we all should be thinking about, no matter your age or stage of your career. In fact, most financial experts say you should start saving for retirement in your mid-twenties. Regardless of what age you plan to…
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Top 7 European Landmarks

Get ready for your European adventures with this list of the top seven landmarks across the whole continent. Stonehenge, Salisbury, United Kingdom Perhaps getting a little outdated in recent years, Stonehenge is back with a new museum and visitors center…
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Watching the Grand Prix in Monaco

Watching the Grand Prix in Monaco is an experience you won’t be soon to forget. Even if you aren’t a Formula One fan (or even any kind of racing fan for that matter), there’s something unique and exhilarating about watching…
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Top 10 Holiday Destinations for 2015

As we head into 2015, fans of travelling abroad and partying in the sunshine will be dreaming of their next big trip but where are the top places to visit this year? 1. Haiti When most people think of Haiti,…