Don’t let the Bargains Escape – Hit the Road!

Finding a cheap holiday deal can sometimes be a frustrating business. You want to save money, but you don’t want to end up somewhere below par either, and it’s a fine line to tread. This can sometimes lead to getting extremely excited about a deal you find, only to notice two minutes later that it’s departing from an airport that isn’t your usual one, and your heart sinks. Do you let this stop you? I wouldn’t!

I often fly from different airports, even if it means me travelling a little further afield in order to save money. I came to this conclusion a few years ago, when the cost of flying from my regional airport seemed to go through the roof, and I got tired of seeing considerably cheaper holidays from other airports. I decided I didn’t want to miss out on this new fashion, and I jumped on the bandwagon. I am now a well-travelled flyer, heading off to the cheapest airport I can find for my particular flight, driving my way there and booking airport parking. Obviously, if I’m going to be driving a large distance and it works out just the same when you take into account the travelling costs, I don’t bother, but a lot of the time it still works out cheaper, so I get in my car and head off!

It’s an unfortunate fact of holiday travel that some airports seem to be cheaper than others, so don’t miss out on the bargains, and instead see how you can make it work for you.

I recently flew from Gatwick, and although it was a little further for me to travel than usual, I found a great value flight to a destination that wasn’t readily available during the winter months from more regional airports unless I went extremely indirect, and I booked Stansted airport parking for a great price. This did a lot to lower the cost of my overall holiday, and it made it more possible for me to go away without having to sacrifice other things! Holidays should be a right, so if you can cut costs here and there, it adds up to a bigger saving overall, meaning more travel for you!

The message is this – don’t be afraid to travel a little further to catch your flight, if it means you manage to save enough cash to make it viable.

Photo Credit: Sharrows coming soon to South Jackson Street, Seattle via photopin (license)