Rice Cooker Hacks You Need to Know!

Life is busy and stressful and sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough time. We should never have to skimp on a tasty home cooked meal just for lack of time. There are ways to still have delicious and well-balanced meals but without taking hours and hours to make it. A rice cooker is going to one of the best things you can use to cut down your cooking time immensely so that you are left with more time to enjoy your food.

Having the best rice cooker on the market will change your life! They can be purchased fairly cheaply if need be and still leave you with a great product. Or you can invest in a top of the range model. There’s no reason to spend your entire day cooking when there’s so much else to be doing in life. Enjoy your new way of cooking meals with these hacks and all the extra time you’re going to find yourself with!

Pancakes – These are going to come out a bit different than a traditional pancake that is cooked on the griddle. It is more like a cake but still tastes exactly the same as a pancake. It’s super easy to mix any fruits that you choose and then just pour it in and wait for it to be ready!


Mashed Potatoes – First you need to peel and slice your potatoes just as you would to make mashed potatoes the old fashioned way. Then just throw them in with a tiny bit of water and salt then sit back and wait until the machine does all the work. Just take them out and drain and they will be ready to devour!


Poached Fruit – This might be one of the best yet. Poached fruit can be great to use for a healthy dessert and using a rice cooker is the ultimate way to do it. Throw in the cleaned and sliced fruit into the rice cooker along with a bit of poaching liquid, could be water, wine or a variety of other things, and wait till it is ready!


Applesauce – This is such a great option especially for those with kids. Applesauce is quick and easy and so much better for yourself and your family if you are making it from scratch. Here’s how!


Bread – baking bread can be tricky but fresh home baked bread is arguably one of the most delicious foods out there. Most people think they need a fancy machine to make it but it actually be done without one. But to make your life even easier, use a rice cooker. Place your dough inside the rice cooker where it can both rise and then bake. After no time at all you can smear some butter or jam onto your beautiful creation and enjoy!