Why the UK is Fast Becoming a Hot Spot for Professional Skateboarders

With UK skating being the ultimate cool when it comes to fashion trends, music styles and youth culture, it’s no wonder the UK is becoming a hot spot for professional skateboarders. With skating brands like Supreme, Thrasher and Creature having a real fashion moment and London’s very own skate crew, the Palace Wayward Choir Boys reaching global fame, the UK skate scene is on fire right now and here’s why:

1)    British Architecture

The style and design of a lot of British architecture differs to that in the states making it more challenging and interesting to skate. A lot of professional skaters from the US head to the UK top discover different spots and to experience a different side to skating. With a grimier and less defined skate culture, the British UK skate scene is much rawer, fresher and less commercial having more edge than the US skate scene, having had to carve itself out of nothing.

2)    Legendary Skate Spots

The UK is home to some of the best street spots in the world. From the infamous London South Bank skate park, which campaigners recently fought a hard battle with the London council to keep, to street spots and indoor parks. In Britain, no matter where you’re based it’s likely you’ll not be far away from a skate park and once there you’ll be sure to drop on a welcoming skating community. Skatehut has guides to UK’s best skateboarding cities. From the infamous Hyde Park in Leeds to Rampworx in Manchester and Dev Green in Sheffield, the UK skate scene offers variety and a change from the polished skate scene in California making it desirable for professionals.

3)    Popularity

With skateboarding being transformed from the outsider sport to one of the coolest sports around, it’s popularity means that more and more young people are starting skating at a young age and becoming pro. With skating brands reaching global fame, they now have the money to sponsor promising young skaters making their dreams a reality. With the UK skate scene really thriving, it appeals to professionals around the globe as a land of opportunity.

With skating being a very inclusive hobby it tends to unite people of all ages, races and religion making going skating more than just fun exercise but a way to make friends and find a place where you belong. With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why the UK is fast becoming such a hot spot for professional skateboarders.